Selling your property? Make your listing pictures stand out.

It is important in these days of online house shopping to make the pictures of your listing stand out from the hundreds of others that buyers are sifting through online.

As a Real Estate Photographer as well as a Licensed agent with Edina Realty, I would recommend asking your agent or photographer (if you are selling your home yourself) to at very least follow these three tips.


Cloudy or Sunny Day

We should always try to take the pictures on a nice sunny day, with the Sun at your back when photographing front of the house. However, you don’t want so much sun pouring in through the windows when you are trying to photograph the rooms inside that the images become washed out with bright light. Plan a time when you can get the best light possible, this is normally early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Slightly cloudy days are fine for inside pictures.

Clouds make it dreary
Even light clouds make a home pop!









De Clutter, De Clutter, De Clutter

Prior to the pictures being taken, de clutter! Put all the kids toys away, clear off the kitchen shelves, make sure the cars are in the garage or off the driveway. Tuck the trash bins in the garage. Put away as many of your “nick-knacks” as you can.

Tough to sell this one.
I can see myself in here!

If you have walls full of family portraits and photographs, de clutter them. It is hard for people to picture (pun intended) themselves in your home while images of other people’s grand kids are everywhere (not that we don’t love your grand-kids)

This process of de-cluttering, not only helps others to see themselves in their new home, it begins the very important process of you emotionally letting go of your home.



A lick of paint, goes a long way

If you can! do this before your picture shoot. Heck, if you have been through this before, you know your Realtor is going to suggest doing it before you list, so get ahead of Him/Her.  Drop into your local Sherwin Williams and ask what the professional painters and builders are putting on the walls. Or, take a tour of new builders in your area (with your Realtor, of course) and note the colors that they are using. Remember, neutral is best as not everyone will like the Key Lime Pie Green that you have in your kitchen. If you are busy or like me, paint brush challenged! spend the money on a professional painter, it is worth it. While there are many ways you can help the process of selling your home, the above three steps are important in the art of catching the eye of buyers. Remember, the listing on-line is not designed to sell your home, it is for the sole purpose of selling a showing. Once the buyer is in your home, there are other things that you can do. I will cover some of those in further posts.

Well, you get the point!
Fresh Paint, I can smell it from here.









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