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I Found Myself at Home, in 1990.


The year was 1990 and I knew when I stepped off the plane into a crisp Minnesota evening with the street lights casting halos on the fresh snow that I had come home. In the immortal words of John Denver, “I had come home to a place I had never been before”

I married Miss White Bear Lake shortly after that chilly visit and together Sandee and I have raised two wonderful young men in our time in God’s Country.

We live out in New Richmond Wisconsin now and I still love the amazing first chill of fall and the splendor of the colors that follow as the brightly colored costumes of Halloween run excitedly up and down our neighborhood. Thanksgiving and family as important times to me. As an immigrant that does not get home much, I cherish the coming together of family to celebrate what we are thankful for and to catch an old Snoopy movie on the TV. White Christmas is always the best, no matter, how much we start to dread the cold come April, it can never be cold enough or white enough on Christmas Morning. Then there is that time when the snow melts, the calves are in the fields, the first heavy rain washes away the sand and the fields turn green. Ready for the whole process to start over again.

I share this with you to let you know that the most important thing to me, is the creation of memories for you and your family. Where do those memories begin? More often than not, in the home. Your home is a sacred space and very close attention must be paid to how it is handled through a purchase or sale.

We have a son with Downs Syndrome and through the joys of growing together around him, we have learned that certain things are important to his happiness as well as ours. The proximity of his room to ours so he feels safe, the sound proofing of the walls for when he launches into singing another hour of “Let it Go” at full volume while wearing his noise cancelling headphones.

Your Realtor should be your Coach, Your Guide, Your Safety Line and your Friend.

If you would trust me with your family home, I promise that I would not let you down.

Most people in sales tend to forget the biggest area of importance regarding their clients, which is gratefulness. I realize that every client, regardless of their budget or house value, helps put food on my families plate. I am very thankful for every opportunity.

The Chering Clan

The Chering Clan

From left to right – Don, Sandee, Aaron, and Daniel.

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