A Pier Less Traveled

Duluth Lift Bridge Duluth Pier Duluth PierAs I enjoyed the light breeze blowing in from the waters of Lake Superior in Duluth, I could not help but wonder why, when there are two piers that mark the channel into the harbor, one was occupied by tourists and one was completely void of human life. On reflection, I assumed (dangerous I know), one had easy access to the parking lot and one required a quarter-mile walk across a bridge.

Both piers afford very nearly the same view, but slightly different perspectives of the expanse before me. The first, had a view that was awe-inspiring and beautiful, although, slightly trimmed by the lighthouse on the other. As I meandered to the end of the walkway, I could not help but be aware that around me hummed the sounds of other travelers, with barking dogs, the laughter of children and the occasional waft of cigarette smoke. Casually strolling the length of the other led to a place of solitude, peace and quiet, and a view of the lake without distraction and ponderous thoughts that require  marination. I pray that This “Road less travelled” (Thank you MR. Frost) will always be my preferred vantage for listening to the still small voice and appreciate the majesty of the world around me.

When offered the opportunity to see the same view from two different vantage points, sure, begin by the less challenging view, but, then always cross the bridge, walk the extra mile and see the less obscured view! Neither view is wrong, neither view is right, they are just points of view.

Duluth Lift Bridge

Pier at Duluth


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